When to Contact a Boynton Beach Marriage Counselor

When it comes to marriage, it’s often easier to avoid or ignore problems than to confront them directly. That may work for some issues, but with many more, it can create stress in a marriage that leads to an unhappy home, and often divorce. Rather than letting things boil over, look for these signs that indicate you need to contact a Boynton Beach marriage counselor:

Marriage Counselor
  • Communication has Stopped – Marriage takes an open and ongoing dialogue between both partners. If talk has stopped and one or both of you struggles to make your feelings understood, much bigger problems in your marriage could be growing. A Boynton Beach marriage counselor will work to restore the lines of communication.
  • Sex is Rare – Experiencing ups and downs in your sex life is a predictable part of marriage. But if sex has stopped completely and you struggle to feel intimate with your partner, it suggests problems that are more than physical. Working through the underlying issues with a Boynton Beach marriage counselor can help couples get close again.
  • Trauma has Occurred – Even the strongest marriages can be rocked by an unexpected event like death, the loss of a job, or an instance of infidelity. Many couples turn to a Boynton Beach marriage counselor after a major trauma to help them work through difficult thoughts and feelings in a time of extreme confusion.
  • Problems Reappear – All marriages encounter problems, but couples work through them and move on. However, some issues linger and lead to arguments and disagreements over and over again. Clearly, both partners cannot work past this friction on their own, which is why they visit a Boynton Beach Marriage Counselor.
  • Parenting is Problematic – Marriage is a relationship between two people, as well as any children they raise together. It is not uncommon for issues over parenting styles or the treatment of children to degrade a marital bond. Rather than letting your kids come between you, seek out the insights and observations of a Boynton Beach marriage counselor.

If you have any reason to believe that your marriage could use some support, contact Gateway Counseling Center at 561-468-6464 to start the conversation. Finding a  Boynton Beach Therapist doesn’t have to be difficult, we can help.

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