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Gateway Counseling Center is proud to announce our affiliation with ZENproject8. The most effective and cutting-edge nutritional program for detoxification, weight loss, and development of a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

ZENproject8 was developed by celebrity nutritionist, Mark MacDonald. Mark has appeared on nationally known shows, such as Dr. Oz, CNN, HLN, and Access Hollywood.

ZENproject8 is comprised of three phases: Detox, Ignite, and Thrive

The supplements in ZENproject8 contain ingredients designed specifically for the program and are exclusive and newly developed for an increased level of effectiveness than any prior program.
ZENproject8 provides an ongoing support system:

  • Plan – A strategically developed plan for maximum effectiveness
  • Coaching – Access to numerous online coaching and videos
  • Recipe Site – A catalogue of recipes from professionals and members
  • Community – Interactive, Cheering, Helping, and Questions

Gateway Counseling Center will provide our staff Certified Nutritionist to guide you through the implementation and completion of the program.

Many of the mental health conditions we treat are often a result of or exacerbated by, lack of self-care, a poor diet, and a sedentary lifestyle. After working with over a thousand clients with compulsive behaviors of all types, I can tell you when people are balanced and feeling good they do not have the same desire to engage in these negative behaviors.

If you would like to experience the amazing results of ZENproject8 and the personal guidance of our staff nutritionist, contact us today. You can watch the videos below for more information on ZENproject8

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