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There’s an overwhelming misconception about Marriage Counseling that verges on self-defeating – and buying into it might just cost you your relationship. It’s this: if you’re seeking Marriage Counseling then you’ve failed. But the truth is, nothing could be further from this lie. In fact, Marriage Counseling is a sign of your commitment to your partner and can help you grow closer together than ever before.

More and more, couples are debunking the myths of Marriage Counseling and attending regular sessions together as more of a relationship check-up than as a last resort. In turn, couples are reporting happier marriages. A trip to their regular counselor now becomes a time of laughter and open communication rather than one of resentment and hurt feelings. At Gateway Counseling Center, we’re fully committed to debunking these Marriage Counseling myths as well as other myths about marriage. In fact, we’ve even dedicated an entire series to the matter. Read more about our Debunking Marriage Myths Series here:

Marriage Counseling Boynton Beach

Our therapists at Gateway Counseling Center are dedicated to helping you and your partner avoid reaching trouble spots in your marriage, though arguments are bound to occur. Our goal is to open your pathways of communication between one another so both partners are heard, understood and the underlying reasons for the conflict identified. We help couples create physical, emotional and financial stability within their relationships to benefit them both now and long term.

We believe that when two partners commit to the Marriage Counseling process, great things are bound to happen. Relationships serve as a fundamental foundation in our own personal happiness and wellness. Maintaining a strong relationship with your spouse not only benefits your marriage, but you as a whole. Therefore, we use a series strategies in Marriage Counseling to foster loving relationships.

Through Marriage Counseling you can:

  • Discover what drives your arguments and put a stop to it
  • Learn to listen to one another and be heard
  • Rekindle the love lost in building conflict
  • Replace tension with peace
  • Cross the distant divide to be close once again
  • Learn to handle time apart with ease, love and trust
  • Forgive and heal from past hurts – including from affairs
  • Renew trust and commitment
  • Be deeper in love
  • Achieve amazing physical intimacy
  • Be happily married once again

Let the Marriage Counseling professionals at Gateway Counseling Center help you define and share your love story. Call 561-468-6464 to schedule your FREE first appointment.

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