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performance enhancementFor decades, psychologists, coaches, hypnotherapists, and various additional approaches have attempted to help athletes and other types of performers overcome what is know as repetitive performance problems. There are numerous professional examples of professional athletes developing what is referred to as the yips. Moreover, these performance impediments have hindered the success of individuals from actors to entrepreneurs, to first responders.

Despite claims to the contrary, these approaches have been minimally successful at best. Traditional sports psychologists and therapists have tried to identify and challenge the negative thought patterns of their clients. However, the body keeps the score. Our conscious mind has little to no ability to affect the emotionally and physically traumatic memories that are stored in our body. When we enter a situation or context in which one of these earlier events occurred, our emotional, body memory activates and reacts as if that event were happening, even if it was decades ago. And because it is stored in the areas of the brain that are associated with survival defenses, it will override the rational brain pretty much every time.

In order to effectively resolve these performance problems, it is necessary to access the areas of the brain where these emotional and physically traumatic memories are stored. The most advanced approach currently is a through utilizing a therapy approach called Brainspotting. Brainspotting harnessed the body’s natural processing system to release and reset these traumatic memories in a rapid amount time. This leaves the athlete or performer free of having to manage the physical, emotional, and cognitive reactions generated by these body memories. To learn more about Brainspotting and to begin an individualized treatment to overcome your repetitive performance problems, contact us to schedule an initial appointment.

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