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Online counseling offers patients the opportunity to speak with a therapist in the comfort of their own homes, offices, or any other place in the world. virtual counseling doesn’t only have to be an option throughout a pandemic. Some patients feel more at ease discussing personal struggles in their home environment rather than in a therapist’s office.

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Our Online Counseling Services

  • online marriage counseling
  • online couples counseling
  • online mental health counseling
  • online psychotherapy
  • online christian counseling
  • online therapy for depression
  • online therapy for anxiety
  • online family counseling
  • online trauma therapy
  • online PTSD counseling
  • online EMDR therapy

Over the last year, we’ve learned two vital lessons. First, taking care of our mental health is incredibly important, and second — virtual connections can be safe and effective. These two points create the foundation of online therapy. Virtual counseling is the process of participating in psychotherapy with a licensed counselor in a virtual setting.

If you’ve been considering going to counseling, but you’d prefer to try it remotely from your home or office, contact Gateway Counseling Center in Boynton Beach.

Our experienced and licensed mental health professionals are available to connect with you in a safe, private, and secure online platform.

Call 561-468-6464 or contact us today to learn more about our virtual counseling options. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Even though online therapy has been around for a few years now, virtual therapy sessions have become increasingly popular. However, since online therapy is still considered a fairly new concept, many patients have questions and concerns about how it all works. Below are some frequently asked questions and answers regarding virtual counseling. 

How does online counseling work?

Instead of a traditional office setting, virtual counseling takes place through various mediums such as video conferencing, mobile apps, email, text, or any other channel that allows a remote conversation to take place. The parameters of your online therapy sessions can be discussed with your therapist, but for the most part, you’ll set a counseling schedule that revolves around some form of digital access.

At Gateway Counseling Center, we’ve created an online counseling process that is safe, effective, and strong.

Call 561-468-6464 or contact our office today to learn more about how our virtual counseling process works.  

What are the benefits of online counseling?

Online therapy offers many of the same benefits as in-person counseling, but with some additional unique advantages. As with any type of counseling, you’ll work with a therapist to discuss personal struggles, combat negative thoughts and emotions, identify new problem solving or coping techniques, and work towards a brighter, healthier future. Online counseling also offers the following benefits:

  • More Accessibility – As you can probably imagine, some people don’t participate in psychotherapy because it can be inconvenient. It’s difficult for many people to find a therapist in their area, set a convenient recurring schedule, and fight traffic to or from the counseling center in order to make it back to work/home on time. The very thought of it can discourage anyone from attempting to try counseling. However, with online therapy, you can simply turn on your mobile device, laptop, or tablet and instantly begin an online counseling session. Having the ability to conveniently access a counselor online is a significant benefit to virtual counseling. 
  • Greater Anonymity – Many people who take advantage of the benefits of therapy wish to do so privately. The act of sitting in a waiting room or being seen walking in or out of a therapy office can present a problem for some, and that’s perfectly okay. If you wish you have your counseling sessions be more private and less exposed, online therapy may be the right choice for you. 
  • Fewer Inhibitions – If you’ve never participated in a therapy session before, it’s common for a therapist’s office to feel daunting, awkward, or uncomfortable. It can be very difficult to let go of inhibitions and openly express your thoughts and emotions when you’re not comfortable in your surroundings. Many patients feel more inclined to talk openly, express thoughts and feelings, and simply be themselves when they’re in a familiar setting, such as their own home. Talking to a therapist through an online counseling platform provides the comfort and security some need in order to get to the root of the problem. 

These are just a few of the many benefits that come along with virtual counseling. Give us a Call 561-468-6464 or contact today to learn more about how online counseling can benefit you. 

What types of therapy are available via online counseling?

Essentially, any type of therapy can be conducted virtually. All of the different types of therapy services we offer are available through an online counseling realm. Even EMDR therapy (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) can be achieved online with minor adjustments that help fit the digital space.

Overall, if you’re seeking couples counseling, marriage counseling, family therapy, divorce recovery, PTSD counseling, therapy for anxiety or depression, grief counseling, and other forms of therapy, we can help you successfully participate in any type of therapy online.

If you’re interested in a specific type of therapy, but you’re unsure if it can be conducted online, contact our Boynton Beach counseling center today to speak with a representative. We can explain how each type of therapy works in an online counseling setting. 

How do I prepare for virtual counseling? 

Besides the technical aspects of online therapy, you would prepare for virtual counseling the same way you would for any other counseling session done in-person.

For instance, you may want to make a list of what your expectations are. If you don’t have any expectations of virtual counseling, that’s okay too. You don’t have to have any preconceived ideas or assumptions about online counseling, but if you do, it’s important to address it with your therapist in the initial virtual session.

This can help you and your online counselor begin your journey on the right foot. Of course, being open and committed to virtual counseling can help you set the foundation for working towards the healing process as well. 

If I’m not technically savvy, can I still participate in online therapy? 

Absolutely. Even if you’ve never used a mobile app or virtual conferencing software before, we can make your transition into virtual counseling as seamless as possible.

With a brief introduction and tutorial, you’ll be able to utilize online counseling in no time. You don’t have to be a tech expert to participate in virtual counseling.

Our system is user-friendly and built with the intention that all patients can choose online counseling, no matter their age or level of technical knowledge. 

What should I look out for if I’m considering online counseling? 

If you’re considering online counseling, there are a few key things to look out for. First, be sure that your counseling center has experience conducting virtual counseling sessions and is equipped with online counseling platforms that are private and secure. Also, it’s important to remember that online counseling isn’t necessarily for everyone.

For instance, if you’re suffering from a mental illness that’s severe or a significant traumatic experience, an in-person therapy session may offer clearer diagnoses, more powerful interventions, and stronger connections with a therapist. Lastly, some patients simply prefer the intimacy of a one-on-one session in a therapist’s office.

If you’re still considering online, but you’re not sure if it’s right for you, it’s perfectly okay to try initial sessions out online and then move to in-person counseling if you prefer.

If you’ve been seeing one of our counselors in-person and you think you’re ready to try virtual counseling, don’t hesitate to bring it up with your therapist and you can work out an virtual counseling schedule that works for you. We’re here to help you choose a counseling method that you feel will benefit you the most. 

For more information about virtual counseling, call 561-468-6464 or contact Gateway Counseling Center today.

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