What Is a Christian Therapist & More Importantly – How Can You Benefit from Christian Counseling?

A Christian therapist is not confined to treating only Christian patients. One that is trained in therapy and counseling can treat anyone because of the training and experience gained to be licensed as a counselor. The designation of “Christian” in the world of counseling and therapy most often simply helps a person to choose his or her counselor, as they feel that their faith is an important part of their life and any discussions held in the context of therapy should be done so in a biblical way. Those who do not have strong religious convictions or who practice another religion would not likely want to get counseling from a Christian therapist.

Christian counseling can help with many different areas of one’s life. At Gateway Counseling, we work with many individuals and couples in Christian marriage therapy, counseling for depression and anxiety, help coping with grief and/or loss, and compulsive behavior & addiction. The counseling and help is aimed at developing healthy relationships and to help overcome mental, emotional, and relational distress. Each person, each couple, and every situation is unique. The broad experience of the counselors at Gateway Counseling is not limited to just Christian marriage therapy or just treating a few particular mental disorders.

Getting Christian counseling is one of the best and most proven ways to benefit your life when there are problems or issues you are dealing with but cannot resolve on your own. The guidance to find the underlying causes of those issues and address them in positive, healthy ways can make a world of difference to not only how you perceive certain things but also in how you resolve or deal with them. All of this with a Christian counselor whose therapy is conducted in a way that is biblically centered so there are no conflicting issues with your faith.

Often the way to best deal with problems you are facing is by talking about them with an unbiased person who has a different perspective on the situation. The expertise of a Christian counselor to help a person work through relationship problems, sexual abuse, trauma, and more is beyond a person’s own means of dealing with a problem. If you need help for issues in your life or in your family relationships, get in contact with us today at 561-468-6464. We can meet to find out if Christian counseling is right for you.

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