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ADHD treatment in Boynton Beach As more people – including counselors – begin to understand the nature of ADHD and its treatment, the need for effective ADHD treatment in Boynton Beach becomes greater. At Gateway Counseling, we are pleased to be one of the premier providers of effective, drug-free ADHD treatment in Boynton Beach. With both adults and children as our satisfied patients, Gateway Counseling is pleased to incorporate ADHD treatment in Boynton Beach that will prove to be an excellent addition to their cadre of quality counseling offerings.

What are some ADHD treatments in Boynton Beach methods that have been proven effective?

Sometimes referred to by its full name – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – ADHD treatment has several recommended treatment regimens. And while no two people require the same type of therapy, there are many ways that this kind of therapy can serve to benefit you, especially if you suffer from ADHD to such a degree that it affects your everyday life.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

This is, perhaps, the best-known type of therapy in general. This type of treatment focuses on “talking your way through it,” and works by modifying your behavior. This kind of treatment presumes that your ADHD is happening because of a response to stress.


While not as intense as cognitive behavioral therapy, this type of therapy also encourages you to “talk your way through it,” but focuses on the root cause of why you’re feeling – and behaving – the way you are, and it may or may not have anything to do with stress.


While not recommended for every person suffering from ADHD, it is presented as an option to those who suffer from the psychological affliction, and often in conjunction with another type of behavior modification therapy. It is not recommended to take medication on your own to deal with your ADHD, and neither is it advisable to take medication and only medication, to cope with ADHD.

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