Affair Recovery Counseling – Marriage After Infidelity

Are you and your partner looking for infidelity counseling in Boynton Beach? If so, you’re not alone. Research indicates at least one or both parties in 50 percent of all couples will break their vows of sexual or emotional exclusivity during the lifetime of the relationship. The need for infidelity counseling continues to increase with these statistics. 

Affair Recovery

You may be wondering if you’re ready for infidelity counseling or if infidelity therapy can help your relationship recover after an affair. While it may feel as though the hurt, mistrust, or uncertainty may be too overwhelming for a full recovery, infidelity counseling can build a path forward. An infidelity therapist creates a safe space for two people to rediscover their relationship in a new way. Contact Gateway Counseling Center today to learn more about how an infidelity counselor can help you.

Why Choose Marriage Counseling After Infidelity?  

When a partner engages in infidelity, it causes a divide in the emotional connection of the relationship. The marriage is now separated into the time before and the time after the infidelity occurred. You might begin to idealize the time before the infidelity happened, and you may be remembering that time as a period when you were in love, trusted each other, and your emotional connection was secure – even if these idealizations are exaggerated. The time after infidelity is a time of fear, confusion, and uncertainty. However, infidelity therapists can help you see how attempting to reclaim what one once had is an exercise in disappointment and futility.

To give your marriage the best opportunity of surviving this difficult time, you need to purposefully change certain behaviors and examine unaddressed factors in your relationship. You cannot go back to being the couple you used to be; your situation dictates that you become a new couple with a renewed relationship. With the help of affair therapy, you can begin to build Marriage #2.

Frequently Asked Questions About Affair Recovery Therapy

To help you learn more about infidelity therapy, here are some frequently asked questions about infidelity counseling practices and how affair recovery therapy can help. 

Should you go to counseling after infidelity?

One of the most common questions after an affair is, “Is marriage counseling after cheating worth it?” According to experts, the answer is ‘yes.’ Giving up on a marriage or attempting to resolve cheating issues without the help of an infidelity therapist are not viable options. Marriage counselors specializing in infidelity act as healing guides. Even if you decide you do not want to remain in a marriage, participating in affair recovery therapy can provide clarity and certainty in your decisions moving forward. Infidelity counseling can help you learn, grow, and move forward with a new perspective on your relationship. 

What approaches are used during infidelity therapy?

Various approaches may be used during infidelity therapy. It all depends on the needs of the individual or couple. Many infidelity counselors find integrated approaches that involve a mix of individual counseling, psychotherapy, and couples therapy helpful. The method used in your affair recovery counseling sessions may also depend on your culture or religious beliefs. Your infidelity therapist will conduct a thorough assessment at your initial meetings, and together you decide the most effective path forward. 

What happens during an infidelity therapy session?

When beginning infidelity counseling, therapists typically want to create a sense of structure and identify the most pressing issues that must be addressed first. Of course, being open and honest about your thoughts and emotions will be an essential part of your infidelity therapy sessions. Your affair counselor will act as a guide on your path to recovery by providing insight into burning questions, helping you define your feelings on betrayal, and directing the conversation in a productive way. 

How beneficial is infidelity therapy?

Infidelity therapy is incredibly beneficial. Having a knowledgeable, trustworthy, and neutral figure to guide you and your spouse through the aftermath of an affair can give you the tools you need to recover. For instance, when the occurrence of cheating comes to the surface, many people feel paralyzed by the devastation. Dealing with children, work, or daily tasks can feel almost impossible. An infidelity therapist can provide coping strategies to help you manage your everyday life while working through the period of affair recovery. You’ll not only have a safe space to talk and express emotions, but you’ll also be given an opportunity to learn and grow as an individual and a couple. 

What causes people to commit infidelity?

There are numerous reasons why people cheat, and clarifying why infidelity occurs is a fundamental part of affair recovery therapy. A partner may commit infidelity because they’re angry, dissatisfied, sexually frustrated, feeling insecure, or experiencing a sense of detachment from the relationship. While it can be emotionally exhausting and overwhelming, identifying why the affair occurred is a building block in the healing process. 

Is being cheated on considered trauma?

Absolutely. Not everyone may consider being cheated on or betrayed traumatic. However, the initial realization that a partner has cheated can be shocking, disturbing, and horrifying –all trauma-related experiences. Many infidelity therapists use similar techniques used in grief therapy or trauma therapy because an affair can make a marriage feel like an extreme loss. 

How do I choose the right infidelity therapist near me? 

Contact Gateway Counseling Center in Boynton Beach today if you’re ready to build your path to recovery after infidelity in your marriage. Our experienced infidelity therapists can provide the support you need to understand the source of the affair, find closure, and rebuild your “new” marriage with trust, confidence, and love.

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