Sexual Addiction

Sex Addiction: Male or Female

Sex addiction is a type of addiction that is not gender-blind. Unlike some other issues, there tends to be a significant difference in the way that sex addiction affects men and women. Professionals are just starting to understand how it affects the sexes and how they can best treat the addiction. Learn what the professionals… Read More

Life Advice by Rabbi Boteach: Why Do Men Cheat?

One of the most common causes of a failed marriage is cheating. So, it should be no surprise that many women ask themselves, “Why do men cheat?” Although it sounds like a complicated issue, the answer to the question might be simpler than you think. Learn the answer according to Rabbi Boteach. Then, find out… Read More

When to Contact a Boynton Beach Marriage Counselor

  When it comes to marriage, it’s often easier to avoid or ignore problems than to confront them directly. That may work for some issues, but with many more, it can create stress in a marriage that leads to an unhappy home, and often divorce. Rather than letting things boil over, look for these signs… Read More