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Conflict Resolution

Conflict is an inevitable and necessary aspect of all relationships. No two people will agree on everything. However, it is very important to learn to deal with conflict in a constructive manor. Conflict resolution teaches people how to amicably resolve life’s unavoidable disagreements and conflicts. Although it is usually couples seeking out this type of therapy, it can also benefit family members, coworkers, and friends.

When conflicts arise, it is very important that the conflict is dealt with in a calm, respectful and direct manor. Avoiding disagreements will always have a negative impact on relationships. It is very important that both parties respect each other’s thoughts and feelings and approach resolution with a positive attitude. With the proper counseling, conflict resolution can make your relationship stronger and more resilient then ever before.

Common Causes of Conflict

There are many possible causes of conflict. One possible cause is high stress levels. Stress can heighten people’s emotions. Things that ordinarily would not bother you, can now make you unhappy or angry. Another possible cause is differences in goals. If two people are working towards two opposing goals, conflicts may arise. Conflicts can also often arise over simple misunderstandings. This can be a misinterpretation of words, information, actions or intent. Another common cause of conflict in relationships is unrealistic expectations. If what you expect from your partner is not realistic, it it will often lead to conflict.

The examples discussed above are just a few of the many possible causations. A conflict resolution therapist will be able to teach you to better identify the causes of conflicts in your relationship. It is also important to remember conflict and disagreement are not the same. Not all disagreements will lead to conflict.

Conflict Resolution Therapy

Interpersonal conflict affects everyone. The purpose of conflict resolution therapy is to teach you how to peacefully and affectively deal with developing conflicts. This type of therapy was first developed by Susan Heitler in 1990, after she discovered that people tend to approach conflict resolution in a more constructive manor at work than they do in relationships. In relationships people must learn to listen to and respect one another. Then they can begin to work together to come to a peaceful resolution. To facilitate this process, it is paramount that both parties learn to keep their negative emotions in check.

Non-constructive conflict resolution skills can lead to a variety of mental health issues. For example, if you are prone to fight when conflict arises, you may become angry, paranoid, anxious or compulsive. On the other end of the spectrum, people who try to avoid conflict by quickly giving in to the other party often suffer from depression. In addition to strengthening your relationship, conflict resolution therapy can also help you with underlying mental illnesses.

One of the most important skills of a therapist is the ability to make their clients comfortable. Our experienced team of therapists are skilled and experienced in creating a comfortable, open and honest environment. This will allow you and your partner to effectively and truthful communicate. Our goal is to teach you the skills you need, so one day you will be able to handle life’s conflicts without our assistance. If your relationship is experiencing difficulties to do emerging conflicts, contact our counseling center today at 561-468-6464.

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