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Top 100 Couples Therapy Questions By Topic

Attending couples therapy is an excellent way to resolve complex problems, fix communication issues, set relationship goals, and form a stronger bond. If you’re new to couples therapy, you may be wondering what kinds of couples therapy questions will be asked in a session or what questions you should ask your couples therapist.  The couples… Read More

Top Ten Signs of a Healthy Relationship

Being stuck in a codependent or unhealthy relationship that lacks trust and intimacy can affect almost every area of your life. When our relationships suffer, we suffer. That’s why it’s important to be aware of the key characteristics that build healthy relationships. Below are the top ten signs that your relationship is strong and thriving: … Read More


Perhaps, you’ve read numerous books on marriage or attended couple’s workshops with your spouse or partner but still struggle to overcome your relationship conflict. You are not alone or abnormal. Although, there is a level of value in engaging in these activities, for the most part, they do not address the real issues, which lie… Read More