Daily Mental Health Habits

Mental Health Habits

Your mental health is the key to success in life. When you have good mental health, your social life, work life, and home life can improve. But maintaining your mental health can prove to be a challenge. Find out which daily mental health habits can keep you happy and healthy.

1. Start your day with focus

If you wake up dreading the day, you might find it hard to be productive. Many people make the mistake of starting off their day on the wrong foot. Instead of embracing those negative vibes, start your day off on a good note. Think about all your goals for the day. When you wake up, focus on one or more of those goals. It can be something as simple as going for a morning jog or getting out the door five minutes early. When you accomplish your short-term goal, you’ll feel successful. You may also feel like you can accomplish anything.

When you don’t have goals, it can be difficult to put one foot in front of the other. You may find it hard to get out of bed in the morning. Or, you might drag your feet during simple tasks. In order to focus and be productive, you need goals.

2. Exercise

One of the oldest and most effective daily mental health habits is exercise. With many benefits, it’s no surprise that exercise has an immediate impact on your mental health. As you exercise, your body produces chemicals called endorphins. These chemicals make you feel happy, which reduces your stress. Sitting in your desk chair doesn’t fight your stress, so you might as well take a more active role. As an added benefit, exercising can boost your self-esteem. You can gain more confidence and take on your day with a more assertive attitude.

When many people think of exercise, they think of hours spent in the gym. But to reap the benefits of exercise, you only need to raise your heart rate for about 30 minutes. If jogging on a treadmill isn’t your idea of fun, try something that you enjoy. Try out a local kickboxing class, or go for a hike on a local trail. Anything that raises your heart rate can count as exercise.

3. Get out

When you work in an office, the stress can build up. There’s nothing around you to take your mind off your stress and troubles. To get a quick escape, you can go outside. Make sure to surround yourself with nature- the greener, the better. Find a park near your office and escape for a few minutes to admire the trees. A quick escape into nature is one of the easiest daily mental health habits.

According to one study, a mere five minutes in nature can improve your self-esteem and mood. Although no one knows for sure why this occurs, it may be thanks to the sun. The sun prompts your body to release vitamin D. As a result, your body’s serotonin levels boost. When you return to work, you’ll be in a better mood. You may even be able to solve a problem that once seemed unsolvable.

4. Get enough sleep

Everyone requires different amounts of sleep. However, everyone needs sleep. People who don’t get enough sleep are unproductive.Often, they have more anxiety than those who do sleep. Try to determine how much sleep you need to keep your body working at its optimal level. You might find that you need seven, eight, or even nine hours of sleep every night. Do your best to stick to a routine and get as much sleep as you need.

Getting enough sleep might require you to make some changes to your lifestyle. If that’s the case, don’t let it stop you. While you might need to skip a late night at the bar or miss out on your favorite television show, it’s worth the effort. When you get enough sleep, your productivity increases. You could finish your work faster and free up more time in your schedule for other things that you enjoy.

5. Give someone a hug

While we don’t recommend hugging a stranger on the street, a hug may be what you need to boost your mental health. It might be one of the more bizarre daily mental health habits, but it’s also one of the most effective. Studies show that physical contact with another individual (like hugging someone) for ten seconds releases oxytocin. The hormone makes you feel less stress and helps you relax.

If you want to get the benefits of touch, you don’t need to find someone to touch. You can take your own hand and place it over your heart for about 60 seconds. Afterwards, you should feel calmer. You can take on the day with a little more tranquility. When you have less stress weighing you down, life is a little easier.

Need more daily mental health habits?

If none of these daily mental health habits work, you may need help. A qualified counselor can advise you on other ways to improve your mental health.

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