Biblical Counseling: The Complete Guide

biblical counseling

There are many different types of counseling available to you. However, many people don’t realize how many different types of counseling they can choose from. One often overlooked method is biblical counseling. Learn all about it and what it can do for you.

What is Biblical Counseling?

This type of counseling is unlike any other in that it relies on the bible to give you advice. When you have a problem in your life, a counselor can use the bible to help you develop a solution. The advice could apply to work, your relationship with your partner, or your relationship with your family. No matter what your problem may be, biblical counseling may be able to help.

The Bible bases its teachings on the belief that all of your thoughts, attitudes, actions, and more come from the selfishness of your heart. When you undergo this type of counseling, your counselor points out that your actions are directed by your heart. Then, your counselor uses the words from the bible to show you how you can remedy your actions and be less sinful or selfish.

Is it Purely Spiritual?

Although you might think that this type of counseling is purely spiritual, it’s not. A biblical counselor acknowledges that people are emotional, cognitive, and rational. Your problems are not only spiritual but are a combination of factors. Because your counselor understands this, he can help you come up with a better way to navigate through life. Additionally, he can help you view your life from the Bible’s eyes. This could help you to remedy your thought process and your actions. It gives you some perspective, and that perspective goes a long way.

How Does it Help You?

You can’t make the right decisions in life or fix your problems if you don’t understand them. By applying teachings of the bible to your life, a biblical counselor can help you understand your problems. You can learn what mistakes you’re making, and how you can avoid making them in the future.

This type of counseling gives you a spiritual world view. Instead of viewing your problems from your own eyes, you can get some much-needed perspective. It’s difficult to know how to fix the problems in your life when you don’t have any perspective. Fortunately, biblical counseling gives you that perspective. Your counselor can hold your hand and guide you through the bible as you learn about the motives behind your decisions. Once you understand your motives, you can start making some positive changes in your life.

How does it work?

Many people of the Christian religion believe that the rule of the church is the best way to change your heart. Because of this, biblical counselors strongly believe that the bible is the best way to help you through life. The best way to change your life is to change your heart; biblical counseling can change your life.

To accomplish this change in heart, a counselor will meet with you regularly. He might help you come up with a name for your problems. For example, if your drinking prevents you from succeeding at work, he may define it as alcoholism. When you have a name for your problem, it becomes easier to solve it. It puts it in biblical terms. Then, your counselor can point you to verses in the bible that address your problem.

In addition to relying on the bible itself, biblical counseling also relies on the Holy Spirit to guide you. It’s important to note that your counselor is not the one who will heal you. Likewise, you cannot do the healing. The only person who can and will heal you is God. However, your counselor points you in the right direction.

Psychology and Religion

This type of counseling is more about religion than psychology. However, your counselor may use some knowledge of psychology to help you. While the bible has an answer for everything, it’s not always clear about certain processes. For example, the bible tells you to abstain from being immoral. However, the bible only tells you to pray and flee from immorality. Your counselor may be able to shed a little more light on the issue. He can come up with practical ways for you to avoid immorality. Using a combination of psychology and biblical teachings, he may be able to get you on the path to redemption.

Starting Counseling

One of the most difficult parts about counseling is to make your first appointment. Many people fear to seek the help they need. However, biblical counseling may be the answer to your prayers. In addition to helping you with any problems in your life, it can also change your outlook. You can learn how to see the world from a spiritual standpoint. As a result, you can live a more respectable life that follows the teachings of the bible. Take the first step and make an appointment; it can change your life.

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