Growing Stronger Together Through Christian Couples Counseling

Being part of God’s kingdom sure does look good sometimes. Because it is! It’s easy to look around the room at church or Bible study and see picture-perfect couples wrapped arm in arm around each other and wonder what their secret is. Why is their marriage so perfect while me and my spouse are silently brooding over last night’s fight? Well the truth is, no marriage is perfect. No matter what you may see on blogs, Instagram and social media, every marriage faces the same trials as the next – even those marriages bound in Christ. The secret to a happy marriage isn’t in pinning cute date night ideas to your social media feed, it’s in seeking Christian Couples Counseling often and early.

Christian Couples Counseling

Despite what misconceptions may have you believe, there is no shame in seeking Christian Couples Counseling. No, it doesn’t mean your marriage is failing. No, it doesn’t mean you’re giving up or that your marriage is falling from grace. In fact, ask a healthy couple what they’re secret is and they’ll often tell you they seek couples therapy on a regular basis – even when nothing is seemingly wrong. Even though you and your spouse are one as partners, you’re still two very different people who will continue to evolve and change throughout life. A Christian counselor can help you two address these changes together and use them to your benefit as a couple.

Seek Premarital Counseling

Before you and your future spouse even begin to plow through wedding magazines and cake tastings, seek premarital counseling. Just like it says in Matthew 7, you wouldn’t build your house on the sand, but on a rock. The same goes for your marriage. Premarital counseling lays a strong foundation for your future together. Your counselor will ask questions and lead a discussion that will help you look past toward the flower and lace of your wedding day and into what a marriage actually will look like. They’ll help you:

  • Create positive marriage resolutions
  • Learn and improve conflict resolution skills
  • Gain realistic expectations about timing
  • Avoid toxic resentments
  • Dismantle fears about marriage
  • Identify the triggers in you and your partner that may trigger marital stress
  • Address concerns about money, time and potential problems
  • Be a lesson in humility

Marriage 101

Even the strongest of marriages can use a reminder in Marriage 101 from Christian Couples Counseling. And while there’s simply not one secret to a happy marriage, you and your spouse can stand to gain a lifetime’s worth of benefits from just one couple’s therapy session. During a session, we will help you identify your relationship’s foundation and how to strengthen it.

Marriage can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. Visit the Boynton Beach Christian Marriage Counselors at Gateway Counseling Center and uncover God’s plan for your marriage.

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