What is High-Functioning Depression?

We all know what depression looks like. The loner that has withdrawn from their friends and activities. A person suffering from depression sits alone in their dark room and cries. Advertisements for anti-depressant medication perpetuate these stereotypes. However, this generalization isn’t always correct. There are also people suffering from high-functioning depression. These people tend to lead… Read More

Stages of Grief: The 7 Stages of Grief Explained

Stages of Grief: Not One-Size-Fits-All Pop culture often references the stages of grief, but how much does the general population know about them? One thing generally missed: people should interpret the seven stages of grief loosely. No one person experiences loss the same way. In fact, people go through the different stages in their order… Read More

Counseling Isn’t Just for Married Couples

Our lives are full of unexpected experiences. In some instances they are great, but other times they can be devastating and life-changing events. When it’s the latter, it is normal to be left with feelings of sadness or hopelessness. An accumulation of what we see as negative factors, such as stressful jobs, or unhealthy relationships,… Read More