Top Ten Signs of a Healthy Relationship

Top Ten Signs of a Healthy Relationship

Being stuck in a codependent or unhealthy relationship that lacks trust and intimacy can affect almost every area of your life. When our relationships suffer, we suffer. That’s why it’s important to be aware of the key characteristics that build healthy relationships. Below are the top ten signs that your relationship is strong and thriving: 

1. You trust one another. 

Any experienced marriage or couples therapist will tell you that trust and honesty are the foundations of a healthy relationship. A lack of trust builds a barrier between the both of you and prevents you from being able to communicate clearly or share thoughts and feelings. 

2. You respect one another. 

Respect is a key ingredient to any social or work relationship, but it’s especially important when it comes to our romantic partners. Respecting one another means you value one another. When we feel valued, we feel more confident in ourselves and our relationship. 

3. You use positive communication.

It can be difficult to continuously keep communication styles positive when you’ve been in a relationship or a marriage for a long time. Sometimes we forget that our words, tones, and body language can affect our partners. But when we make a conscious effort to use positive and constructive communication, it can keep our relationships going strong. 

4. You collaborate and compromise when problems arise. 

Dealing with problems together can help couples and spouses feel connected and supported. Everyone has their own strengths and weakness in different areas of life, so when you collaborate together or compromise when necessary, you harness the power to face any challenge. 

5. You feel safe and secure with your relationship.

When couples constantly feel like their relationship is about to break, they’re driven by fear. This fear can turn minor issues or obstacles into huge conflicts. However, when we know our relationship is on solid ground, we’re less affected by triggers or fearful thoughts. 

6. You make major decisions together. 

Power struggles can affect even the strongest relationships. When you need to make major decisions, such as living arrangements, financial choices, or decisions that involve the family, it’s important that both partners feel like they have a voice. 

7. You feel safe sharing thoughts and feelings. 

Keeping our thoughts and emotions bottled up can affect our sleep, our productivity levels, our mental health, and even our physical health. Couples should always feel safe to be vulnerable and express themselves in a safe and supportive environment. 

8. You’re intimate and show physical affection. 

Being intimate and showing physical affection is one of the fundamental principles of a healthy relationship. As humans, we don’t only want to be told that we’re loved, we want to feel loved through physical touch. Couples who make an effort to show affection and share intimacy, even decades into a relationship, are more likely to experience consistent happiness and joy. 

9. You’re okay being apart. 

While we want our partnerships to be strong, we also want to maintain our individuality and independence. That’s why it’s essential to feel secure with spending time apart. Taking time for yourself is an important step in self-care and it also leads to healthy romantic relationships. 

10. Responsibilities are shared.

Balance is everything when it comes to healthy relationships. If one person feels like they’re taking on the burden of most of the responsibilities, they’re more likely to feel resentful and angry with their partners. By sharing responsibilities, such as chores, family care, or financial obligations, you create a sense of balance and equality in the relationship. 

If you feel as though your relationship is lacking these traits, you might be able to benefit from attending couples counseling or marriage counseling. A therapist can help you and your partner identify the rooted issues that contribute to your current problems. Couples therapy and marriage therapy can help build trust, security, and respect.

Most of all, counseling can help couples and spouses enjoy their relationship again. To learn more about couples or marriage counseling and how it can help, contact Gateway Counseling Center in Boynton Beach today.

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