Teenage Mental Health Issue or Normal Behavior

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Teenage Mental Health issue or Normal Behavior? It is not unusual for parents to question whether their child is acting like an average teenager or acting negatively due to mental illness, drug use or behavioral difficulties. Typical teenagers are frequently unhappy due to puberty hormonal and physical changes. Nevertheless, when mental illness is involved, it may be difficult to distinguish “normal teenage behavior” from the signs of depression, anxiety and other emotional struggles.

The Office of Adolescent Health estimates that approximately one out of five teenagers have some mental health disorder. And closer to a third has shown signs of depression. Although the warning signs are not obvious there are common symptoms to watch for it became persistent.

Signs of A Teenage Mental Health Issue:

  • Significant decline in school performance
  • Strong resistance to attending school or absenteeism
  • Problems with memory, attention or concentration
  • Significant changes in energy levels, eating or sleeping patterns
  • Physical symptoms (stomach aches, headaches, backaches)
  • Feelings of hopelessness, sadness, anxiety, crying often
  • Frequent aggression, disobedience or lashing out verbally
  • Excessive neglect of personal appearance or hygiene
  • Substance abuse
  • Dangerous or illegal thrill-seeking behavior
  • Is extremely skeptical of others
  • Drop in enjoyment and time spent with friends and family

  • If you suspect that your teenager or a teen that you care for may be suffering from more than the average pains from adolescence, don’t hesitate to contact Gateway Counseling. It is important for parents and children alike, to know that Teenage Mental Health conditions aren’t your fault or the family’s fault. Teenage mental health disorders can develop for a number of complex causes that researchers are only beginning to understand. At Gateway, we understand a lot about how to help you live well with a mental health condition. You have the power to take the actions necessary to improve your teenager’s health.

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