Mental Strategies to Lose Weight

lose weight

Everyone these days wants to lose weight. There are plenty of programs and diets that tell you they will get you there. But, a lot of times the biggest hurdle is the one that gets you started. It can be hard to know where to start, but wanting to start is the first big step. Now that you know this is something that you want to do, you can try finding smaller steps to get into it.

Lose Weight: Hydrate

Sometimes we think that we are hungry, but we actually just want water. So, it can be helpful to stay hydrated. If you think that you’re hungry, try drinking water instead. Even if you are hungry, this is a good way for you to get some water in your stomach before you eat. The water will take up more space and you will eat less. This is why you should drink a glass as soon as you wake up and before every meal. If you can handle drinking more in between, go for it! The worst that can happen is that your body gets the water it needs.

Lose Weight: Smaller Plates

We tend to use big plates. And that makes us feel like we have more room for food and that makes us feel obligated to finish it all. By using smaller plates, you are tricking your brain into thinking it has eaten so much, already. You don’t necessarily want a tiny plate. But, going from a dinner to salad plate would help a lot. Then, you will feel less obligated to eat so much and when you finish the plate you have, you’ll feel full. You won’t need to overstuff yourself, anymore!

Lose Weight: Well Lit Areas

Sometimes we like to enjoy late dinners or romantic ones. And as great as these can be, it can be hard to see what you are eating. And when we pay less attention to the foods we are eating, we tend to eat more. We have all been eating and lost track of what we were doing because we were doing something else. Next thing you know, that bowl of popcorn is gone. That’s the reason movie theaters sell so much popcorn. You don’t realize you’re eating it, so it goes fast. It’s also in a dark theater, so you eat more. And then you have the popcorn that causes you to crave more because of the salt. Eating in a well-lit area can remind you that you are eating and to pay attention to your plate.

Lose Weight: Healthier Foods

Of course, you want to choose better options. Eating healthy doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to cut out the great foods. You just want to make sure you are paying attention to what you are putting in your body. Everyone’s body is different. Some people count calories and others just pay attention to the ingredients they are putting in their body. If you know your body and what works well for you, this can be easier. But, once you know how to measure what you are putting into your body, it can be a little easier. Just try to follow some sort of plan and see if it works for your body. If counting calories doesn’t work for you, maybe eating more vegetables will. Maybe cutting out meat and dairy will help, too! It is a matter of what your body processes best. And only you can figure that out.

Lose Weight: Eat Slower

We have become a society that likes things now. Everything has to be instantaneous. But, that isn’t healthy. It can take around twenty minutes for your body to feel full, once it actually is. The slower you eat, the more time there is for your body to send the signal to your brain that it doesn’t need anymore. That is the reason that sometimes we eat so much that we feel uncomfortably full later. It’s because our bodies are catching up to the signals being sent. Try having a conversation while you’re eating or taking a break. Maybe drink some water in between bites. These are all things that will help your brain buy some time to receive the signal that your stomach is full.

It can be hard to lose weight. But, the important thing to remember is that it is a marathon; not a sprint. Starting with small changes will help. And once you start to feel a little better or see a bit of a difference, it will be great motivation to take your lifestyle change a little farther. It really depends on your comfort level and how far you want to take it. In some cases, having objective support or finding the root cause of your eating problems can also help. This is where counseling can come in handy.

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