Common Misconceptions of People Who Seek Counseling

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Seeking counseling represents a major step for whoever chooses to do so. People often struggle to seek counseling, as they believe it shows a weakness inside of then. For whatever reason, society presents people with the options of seeking counseling and dealing with a stigma, or failing to seek counseling and feeling worse. However, this must not be the case. Various factors point to the importance of seeking counseling when you do not feel your best, regardless of what society says.

Seeking counseling does not represent weakness. Instead, seeking counseling shows that you wish to improve yourself. Everyone wishes to be the best versions of themselves, but many do not put the work in. By seeking counseling, you are going above and beyond in areas where others accept not being the best. Not only are you looking better in other people’s eyes, but you also put yourself in a better situation for your own happiness.

Though the stigma does exist, it must be debunked. There are various misconceptions surrounding people who opt to seek counseling.

Common Misconceptions of People who Seek Counseling

Seeking Counseling is a Sign of Weakness

As we previously discussed, this is the most prevalent and the most wrong conception of those who seek counseling. A popular belief is that those who seek counseling are weaker than those who do not. This stems from the idea that needing counseling at all makes someone weaker than someone who does not require counseling. The fact of the matter is that each individual deals with a different set of circumstances. One person may live a simple life, dealing with few obstacles. That person may not feel inclined to need counseling.

However, a different person may deal with various obstacles on a daily basis. Perhaps they deal with struggles at home, or circumstances outside of their control. The person who deals with nothing may believe that person to be weak for seeking counseling, but that notion is wrong. They simply cannot understand what they have not experienced themselves, a common truth in society today.

Seeking counseling does not represent, but instead it represents strength. It means the person who does so owns the goal of bettering themselves and hurdling their obstacles to make their lives the best possible. One would not be blamed for rolling over when the going gets tough, but those who seek counseling do not wish to do that. They wish to work through their issues rather than around them. That’s worth praising, not criticizing.

Counseling Is For People Who Can’t Deal With Their Problems

This misconception presents plenty of confusion, as it represents a contradiction. Seeking counseling does not mean people cannot deal with their problems. It means the exact opposite, in reality. Seeking counseling means taking a step forward towards fixing problems at hand. Thus, if you seek counseling, you are putting yourself in the act of dealing with your problems.

With that being said, not only is this conception faulty, but the complete opposite is true. An argument can certainly be made that those who seek counseling are dealing with their problems far more than those who don’t. Seeking counseling is taking a major step forward to go through the problems rather than around them. Counselors work with patients to ensure their problems are not overlooked or forgotten. Once they work with the patients, problems are broken down and figured out. As you can tell by the process, the problems receive treatment in a healthy, productive way. Thus, counseling is for people who are looking to deal with their problems in the most effective way possible, not those who cannot deal with their problems.

Those Who Seek Counseling Are Not Healthy

Those who seek counseling do not necessarily represent unhealthy people. In fact, a large portion of those who seek counseling do not own illnesses or major concerns. Counseling works for people of all concerns and problems that demand working out. Seeking counseling does not signal weakness, nor does it nod towards any unhealthiness, be it mental or physical. Instead, seeking counseling means whoever does so’s state of mind includes enough clarity that they know seeking help will push them in the right direction.

When push comes to shove, seeking counseling means taking a leap towards bettering yourself. An unhealthy person would not be able to identify their problems well enough to understand the benefits of counseling for themselves. When one seeks counseling, they are admitting to themselves that problems exist, and they are taking steps to work those problems out in a productive way and environment.

Understanding your own mental health and how to optimize it is a practice in positive health, not negative health. Seeking counseling represents a key step in recovery and working through problems, so those who take that step must understand that they are making a wise, healthy decision for their present and future.

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