Causes of PTSD: What You Need to Know

causes of ptsd

Causes of PTSD are varied, though we tend to associate them with Military service. But, there are plenty of other causes of PTSD. They are just less well known, and some are less frequent. Their trigger can be something small that they saw while the event was happening or something that happened during the event that causes a tremendous amount of shock.


Causes of PTSD: Military Service

The occasion that most of us associate with PTSD is when soldiers return from war. This is because they are in highly stressful situations in such high frequency. They also experience a lot of trauma that they wouldn’t when they are home. Not only are they in a war zone, but they are also trying to save their friends and stay alive. It is something that can be hard to acclimate to when you arrive.

Once you do, it is something that your body and brain both become accustomed to and returning home can be hard. Many of us would think that it would be easy to return home and leave the stress and danger of it all. But, in many cases, it can be just as hard as acclimating to a dangerous environment. This is because your body is traumatized by what you are returning from and what you experienced. When you are returning from something like that, you can still have flashbacks and nightmares. It is very common for people to have PTSD. Some only have it for a short while, and it may last longer with others. Counseling can be helpful, but will not cure everyone. Some can only hope to control their symptoms and try to resume their normal lives.

Causes of PTSD: Violence

Domestic abuse, sexual assault, muggings or robberies are also causes of PTSD. While they might not be as heavily associated with military service, they are just as common. These events can cause the victim to feel like they are constantly looking over their shoulder or in danger.

That doesn’t necessarily happen to everyone who experiences these events. But, it is something that many experiences. It can pass quickly with counseling, but is also something that victims have said is an ongoing problem for them. This is especially true for those with domestic abuse and sexual assault experiences. It is common to feel a constant reminder of that violation. This causes them to feel like they are never safe. And that can be hard enough, but stress or loud noises can cause PTSD flashbacks. These flashbacks can be hard to deal with and even harder to live through again. While someone might know consciously that they aren’t in that moment again, it will feel like it emotionally and cerebrally. And that is a large part of the problem.


Causes of PTSD: Accidents

Car accidents are one of the known causes of PTSD. This can be especially true when your body goes through physical trauma. The mental aspect of an accident can be hard enough to deal with. But, when the body goes through something that is both physical and mental in a traumatic way it can be harder to get through it. These tend to be the things that need more counseling and linger longer. This can cause problems for people who still have to drive to work or to pick up their kids. You don’t have a lot of a choice of whether or not to drive. And this can be magnified when you get into a car or when someone drives in a way that you feel threatened.

These are things that can trigger a memory or a moment that your brain is holding on to from the traumatic event. And that means that you might have to deal with this trigger every time. There are different ways for you to manage your response to these triggers and maybe even remove them from the memory they are associated with. But, these are things you need a professional for. It isn’t something you can do at home or alone, like yoga.


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder occurs when someone goes to an event in their life that leaves them traumatized. This is something that is causing them to stress, become anxious, have nightmares and flashbacks and even react differently to certain situations. Not because they are broken, or something is wrong with them. But, because there is a trigger that their brain associated with that experience PTSD is not something you should have to deal with alone. It is like walking in a field of mines and wondering if something is going to explode. Counseling is your biggest asset, and you want to make sure that you have someone who is experienced in this field and with trauma like yours. That is why you should start your search here.

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