5 Ways to Rekindle Your Relationship


No relationship stays the same forever. It’s natural that the honeymoon phase wears off. But, that doesn’t mean that your love is dead or that you’ve made a mistake. It only means that you need to invest in your relationship so that it will last. This article has some good ideas, but here are some to start with:

Talk to Your Partner

It is commonly said that communication is key, but there are different ways to interpret that. Yes, you need to be emotionally available and open. But, you also need to take the time to share those feelings. Set aside time for your partner. It can be an hour after work sharing your day or an evening in talking on the couch. Having a conversation is the best way to reconnect. Whether you are talking about something silly that happened in your day or something your partner did to irritate you, communication can help you better understand each other.

Cook Together

Cooking together is a good way to have a little fun and bond. You will work as a team, and that will help you remember what happier times were like. You can find a recipe that you saw online or a cooking show that you’ve always wanted to try. Or maybe making something your partner loves. You can work together to make one meal or make a couple of entrees while working side by side. Regardless, you’ll be in the kitchen together and be working together. Then, you get to share a meal and talk. You may have funny stories about something that went wrong or how your food was better than you thought it would be. But, you’ll be communicating and having a good time together.

Have Date Night

Designate one night a week that is just for you and your partner. It doesn’t have to be dinner by candlelight, although that isn’t a horrible idea. Maybe it’s just pizza and Netflix. Or a night out dancing. But, it should be one night that you can reconnect if there is no time the rest of the week. It might be a good idea to take turns deciding what you’ll do that night. If one of you likes baseball but hates the opera; maybe one week you should go to a game and the next the opera house. It will help you establish trust and learn how to compromise, all while falling in love all over again.

Take A Trip!

You don’t have to take an elaborate vacation, to have fun. Try a weekend road trip! The farther away, the better. Friends love driving away for a weekend because it grows a bond. You’ll be stuck in a car together, for hours. This is a great time to talk and laugh together. When you arrive at your destination, try some great food and see the sights! You’ll be able to reconnect away from distractions and fall in love, all over again. It will be relaxing for you both individually and make you stronger as a couple.

Think of Something Together!

You should have a conversation with your partner about what you’re going through. Let them know that you think that things have died down. This is a good way to start a conversation with them about what you can do to inspire them. They might feel it too, and if they don’t, they still need to know how you feel about the relationship. After all, there are two of you in it.

Once you have this conversation, you can both discuss what you need that the relationship isn’t providing. Those things can lead to ways for you to build a stronger relationship. If they feel like you don’t listen to them, try doing something that they like as a surprise. Show them that you’re paying attention and you do listen. If they don’t feel loved, try to find a way to express your love for them. Make it something they enjoy and can appreciate. But, finding the problem together is the place to start.

Look For Outside Help

When your relationship starts to feel stale, that doesn’t mean it’s over. It just means that you need to invest more time and effort into it. You need to involve your partner and let them know how you feel. They need to work with you to try to make things better. But, once it does, that doesn’t mean you can stop. It’s something that has to be consistent and evolving. Things can still go back to the way they were, and you’ll be right back where you started.

If you think that you are still having problems, there is nothing wrong with seeing a marriage counselor . Think of them as an unbiased mediator. It can help to have an expert and get a little guidance. Your relationship is worth everything you can do to keep it. And it will be worth at least one visit to see if it is something you can use as a tool to save what you have!

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