Healthy Fear Versus Unhealthy Fear

Fear of Corovavirus

We are aware this is a difficult time for everyone and is uncharted territory for us all. In addition, there is worry related to the reality of the financial impact on individuals and families. Many of you are being hit hard in this area, such as close friends of mine who own restaurants.We are aware this is a difficult time for everyone and is uncharted territory for us all. Furthermore, there are many who are overwhelmed with fear and anxiety due to the uncertainty and the health threat posed by the coronavirus.

There is healthy fear and unhealthy fear. Healthy fear orients us towards a legitimate threat and energizes us to take action. Unhealthy fear is when we ruminate and obsess about what could go wrong when we have no power to take action in the present. I have spoken with and helped numerous individuals these last couple of weeks who have been struggling with unhealthy fear.

We want to be a resource to our clients and the community at large. The number one thing that helps overcome overwhelming fear is secure connection with others. I know the current situation creates a challenge in this area. We are all being encouraged to practice social distancing to combat the virus and protect each other.

However, do not allow social distancing to turn into social isolation. Again, the research shows that what we refer to as secure attachment is what regulates anxiety and fear more than anything else. You can stay connected to others in a variety of ways, social media, phone calls, and online groups.

We want to inform all of you we will remain open as a resource to everyone throughout the crisis. Moreover, we have a full range of online services as well. We have been providing online counseling for over a decade and can do everything we do in the office online. We will also be doing regular Facebook Lives as a way to provide support and encouragement to you.

Throughout this process we want everyone to stay safe but stay connected as well. Please contact us anytime if you are in need of help or assistance in any way. Our mission has always been to help as many as we can in every way we can.

You can also contact us for any guidance in the way of resources or referrals we can steer you towards.

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