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When married partners are in crisis, they often say things such as “My husband (or wife) is a stranger to me,” “he never listens to me anymore,” “she isn’t fun anymore,” or “there is no hope, we simply can not agree on anything”. These are all serious indications of trouble in a Christian marriage.

It may be that you aren’t feeling close physically anymore or that your closeness emotionally and spiritually has diminished as well. Or is it that you have withdrawn your spirit from the marriage entirely and perhaps have even given that away to another person? If you truly feel that you are not able to resolve even minor issues and that they are becoming deep seated areas of contention that lead to arguments, Christian Marriage Counseling may be able to help you as all of those are symptoms of major damage in a marriage that need to be addressed.

Is Christian Marriage Counseling Effective?

Yes, there is hope for your marriage through counseling. It has been proven that marriage counseling is an effective way to work through a couple’s problems. There are even reports showing that 75% of couples who attended Christian marriage counseling were better off as a couple than similar married couples who did not go to counseling. Other studies show that more than half of married couples who attended counseling together reported significant improvement in their marriages.

There is a very good chance that Christian marriage counseling will benefit your marriage, especially if you are in a situation that feels hopeless. Keeping that in mind, you don’t have much to lose given the situation. You only have a lot to gain if your marriage is salvaged. A competent, experienced Christian Marriage counselor will help you explore your troubled relationship and support your resolution of the issues you have in a biblical way.

What Can Christian Marriage Counseling Accomplish?

When you need to work out an issue in your marriage, it can be challenging to try and fix the problem yourself. A knowledgeable counselor has seen it all, and is often aware of how the problem started and can formulate a plan of action to take to help get your marriage back on track.

What happens in a counseling session?

You may worry about going to counseling because you’ve never experienced it and are not sure what to anticipate. Actually, you may anticipate the counselor to act judgemental or just not understand what you are going through. Of course a counseling session will differ somewhat with regards to the experience and specializations of the counselor, but a qualified Christian Marriage Counselor will act pleasantly toward both of you without judging. Your counselor will ask you both concerns and help you try to get on the same mindset in the marriage while providing an unbiased viewpoint and developing a secure environment to allow you and your spouse to be observed.

 What Christian Marriage Counseling Can Accomplish

There are many advantages to counseling, and particularly to Christian Marriage Counseling:

You can figure out how to take care of issue in a good and balanced way. In marriage counseling you can gain better interaction abilities that will help you not only pay attention to your partner but, to also understand his or her body language to really hear what your partner is saying.

You can learn how to condition your needs clearly and freely without anger. You can be taught how to connect assertively without being competitive or unpleasant. Both partners need to be able to discuss their issues without worry of hurting the other partner’s feelings. In marriage counseling, you will realize that you can show what you need without having to fight.

Getting your emotions out into the open with the help of a qualified expert may be all you need. You might discover that your partner is more than willing to work out the issues together to fix the problems in the marriage. You may also discover that your partner is reluctant to do the work. You will find that you have options you may not have thought about before.

You can create a further understanding of who your partner and what his/her needs are. Better yet, you will likely comprehend more greatly who you yourself are and what your own needs are and how to go about getting your needs met in healthier methods in the relationship. Christian Marriage Counseling can show you those abilities while tracking your success, mediating issues and providing valuable feedback.

Making the choice to seek counseling just may keep you from making a mistake you will later regret, such as separation or divorce. If you are considering divorce, and want a biblical way to make things better, contact Gateway Counseling where you can meet with a Christian Counselor to help you get to a better mental state.

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